I've Done My Waiting EP

by Padfoot

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Ryan Hamilton
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Ryan Hamilton Good stuff from Va Beach Favorite track: Make Way For The Hurt Kid.
cathleen niedhammer
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cathleen niedhammer You got it. :) <3 Favorite track: U Got It.
Anderson Ragan
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Anderson Ragan this is a PARTY of an ep. Favorite track: Make Way For The Hurt Kid.
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Recorded/produced by Sawyer Camden
@ The Cupboard Under The Stairs
Artwork by Lindsay Ingram
Cassettes available at jeremyrecords.com


released August 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Padfoot Virginia Beach, Virginia

Karen, Clinton, Kimball, Camden, George. Party emo revival.

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Track Name: Highway Ninety-Vibe
I don't have shit to show for all of this
I'm awake, but I forget
That sometimes shaking, staying up too late is what we ask for anyway
And hey, wouldn't you know
The clouds look like the ocean floor
This isn't drowning us, no, no, no, not anymore

So don't worry about us, we're drifting from focus
And I said HEY, We're manic and fucked up, it's never enough

Grasping at straws and reaching for bottles
Wouldn't you guess we'd be like this tomorrow
Losing each other and losing these battles
Will it get better? I hope it gets better
I hope it gets better, I hope it gets better, it better

What we all wouldn't give to feel like we're human again, again, again
'Cause we're all in a panic, grown increasingly desperate again, again, again
Track Name: Pelon's California Burrito
64 East to Virginia Beach, leaving the show at Katie's
Mistaking the leaves dancing across the street
For small animals in the headlight's gleam
The trees guiding us home have started changing colors, and I know
That even when they end up bare, in due time they'll grow

So for now, I'll calm myself down
Ease my furrowed brow
And I know just how you feel
Just keep your eyes on the street and your hands on the wheel

You stress me out, but I love your guts
Promise me you'll stay in touch
You stress me out, but I love your guts
I hope that I don't ask too much

Can I crash on your couch again?
I've had a little too much to drink
And honestly, life's not so bleak
When I sleep with my head at your feet
Track Name: All Party Dogs Go To Heaven
Anxiety attacking me at probably 6am
Wave it away with the smoke from a cigarette
It's a dark cloud, it's terrifying
And the tombstone hangs like a guillotine

I love when the road opens up
And I love the thought of Canada
I love when I get the chance to open up
And I love watching my friends fall in love

The bands that I love are depressing
And I'll always be depressed
But I won't let that turn me ugly
'Cause I wanna have a beautiful death
Track Name: Make Way For The Hurt Kid
I swore I saw you on Main as I walked to the van alone
You could have told me that your side of town
Always gets this cold
The bike notes fell from my coat
We could have sang from the streets had you shown
I met you halfway, it's a shame that we'll never know

And I wasted vacation days
To see if maybe you'd ask me to stay

I'll go home and I'll pace by the phone
While surrounded by friends
Finding courage in shotgunning beers
I'll call you and curse and I'll slur all my words
When I finally ask why you disappeared
I just read too much into the things that you said
All the daydreams and plans really fucked with my head
And I've been trying to forget
I've been trying to forget

I should have pawned my guitar and broken the rainy day jars
Turned my pockets out, skipped town, and headed south
But my hands shake on interstates
And my car wouldn't make it anyway
But if I had tried, I might not have been too late

I should have pawned my guitar and broken the rainy day jars
Turned my pockets out, skipped town, and headed south
Track Name: U Got It
There are places that I only go at night
There are people who introduce themselves
And I'll give up on all of you if I think you want me to
I will not come back again, even if the sun is set

Look at my hands, they're calloused and sore
And I don't think I wanna be here anymore